Natural Church Development




  • Create an implementation team to educate the congregation on Natural Church Development and to lead necessary changes

  • Discover your current ratings for the eight essential qualities through the survey

  • Meditate on the six principles as they apply to your minimum score

  • Use your strengths to improve your minimum quality

  • Work through the process until all of your scores are above fifty (see the charts  below

  • Involve as many as people as possible as you progress through the process

If all the church's quality characteristics are below 50, they are usually declining

If all the church's quality characteristics are above 50, then they are usually growing.

If all the church's qualities are above 65, they are always growing.

Most church's fall between 35 and 65.

In the example above, the congregation would want to use Empowering Leadership and Holistic Small groups to work on Functional Structures.


Change in the eight essential qualities after a year's work.  

85% of the congregations who go through the process find measurable improvement in the scores

After a year's work, Passionate Spirituality and Loving Relationships declined.  This reflects the hard work the congregation did to push through major changes. Also note that although the congregation worked on Functional Structures other areas improved as well.


Definition Survey Qualities Principles