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  1.  Prepare for the survey. Church leaders are brought on board, determines the church is ready for the process, intercessors are mobilized, an implementation team created, and a relationship with a coach is established.
  2. Do the survey. Given to key leaders, around 20 to 30 people, including the pastor(s), staff, and other identified leaders, both formal and informal. The participants for the survey are introduced to the principles and basic concepts of NCD, given the survey, and the survey is scored and returned
  3. Analyze the survey results.  Here the maximum and minimum factors are recognized and initial reactions and feelings of the implementation team is analyzed and carefully monitored.
  4. Develop an action plan, that is establish measurable goals and action plans that uses the church’s strengths to pull up third weaknesses. At this stage, other resources and people are also identified to help with the process. The implementation team purposefully sets out to involve as many other people in the congregation as possible.
  5. Implement and monitor the plan. Here an official launch of the revitalization process is planned, resources and people are identified, results are evaluated, progress celebrated, and changes made as necessary.
  6. Evaluate and repeat. Here the whole process is evaluated and key insights, mistakes, accomplishments and surprises are identified and celebrated.  The survey is given again, and if desired, the cycle repeated.


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NCD and ChurchSmart Resources

Natural Church Development, by Christian Schwarz

  Implementation Guide to Natural Church Development, by Christian Schwarz and Christoph Schalk, $14.95
  Natural Church Development Survey, by Christian Schwarz and Christoph Schalk $150.00
  The ABC's of Natural Church Development, by Christian Schwarz  $2.00
  Releasing Your Church's Potential:  A NCD Resource Kit, by Robert E. Logan and Thomas T Clegg with Jeannette Buller  $95.00
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